Reunion Island at a reduced price

3 Tips for a cheap holiday in Reunion

Do you dream of going on vacation on the Reunion Island. Discover its fauna, flora, culinary specialties and its Creole huts. It is a project that you have had in mind for a long time, but that you postpone for lack of budget.


It is true that the stay is not within the reach of all budgets, starting with the plane ticket. But rest assured, it is possible to save on certain expense items and enjoy a sensational trip on the intense island at a low price.


Nothing could be simpler, carefully follow the three following steps to save up to 50% of the public price on your next trip to Reunion Island.




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1. Find plane tickets at the cheapest price for Reunion

To find the cheapest plane tickets, one watchword flexibility on departure and return dates, go to the different travel comparison platforms, we advise you  Kayak or Skyscanner.


These search engines at the service of tourists scan the web and find the best flight offers for you according to your dates of stay.

If possible, prefer flights from Paris, they are more expensive from the province. If you are not bound by specific dates, you will be able to save as much as possible, by setting a month, a time and a day of departure at the floor price.

Thanks to the price comparison chart, the rates can be really low if you search well.

Reunion island travel price comparison

To learn more, follow the tips in our Reunion Island guide.




2. Save on the price of car rental

Another item that will weigh on your budget is car rental. Again, do not hesitate to call on the platforms specializing in the comparison for vehicle rental.

For the best prices we advise you rentalcars  She will take care of selecting the rental agencies at the best prices for you, you just have to make your choice according to the different prices.

Example: With their comparisons we found a Ford Fiesta from May 3 to 10, 2021 for € 121.25


cheap car rental at the meeting


However, don't just rely on the price and take a good look at the guarantees included in the contract. Pay particular attention to that on break-ins and theft which, like everywhere else, can happen on the island while holidaymakers are practicing their activities.

Sesame Card Promo

If you prefer a local agency, no problem, go to point 3.





3. Enjoy up to 50% price reductions once there

Now that you have settled the issue of the journey, you still have to plan for accommodation, meals, entertainment and perhaps the purchase of some vacation souvenirs.

For accommodation you can use traditional booking platforms such as fast, reliable and efficient or

Sesame Card Promo

But to save even more money, we advise you the sesame card which allows you to reduce your expenses on the spot up to 50 %. At present, more than 300 partner shops, including some local car rental companies, offer discounts for families or groups of 2, 3, 4 or 5 people depending on their offers.

It is the ideal card to benefit from unlimited promotion during your holidays or your extended stay, because you can buy it with a validity of 2 months or a year ...

Conclusion, if until now the budget for holidays in Reunion prevents you from considering the trip, now it can become a reality.


For people who have already booked their plane ticket for an upcoming departure, you can order your sesame card online and activated once there. You will have the opportunity to save money during your stay or the leisure to spend it on other activities that seemed financially inaccessible to you.

You may be able to plan a few good restaurants or one accommodation of superior standing. Discover Reunion's underwater flora and fauna during a first dive or enjoy an aerial view of the island for a helicopter flight.

Finally, if you hope for an additional boost, know that you can win cards by subscribing to our page Facebook.

All the “cards” are now in your hands ...
We wish you an excellent trip to Reunion Island!




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