La Marmite Du Pecheur Catering


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La Marmite Du Pecheur Traiteur

We promise you an intimate and relaxed dining experience that offers something different for local and overseas customers and ensures you have a memorable eating experience every time.

Originally, the pounded rice comes from the story of several neighborhood friends who met in the evening. Everyone brought their meal back and put it all on a banana leaf and so tasted all the dishes.

To awaken your taste buds

The cocktail "blow of dry" followed

Pounded rice which consists of four carry:

Chicken Carry
Pork Carry with Palm Kernel
Zourite Carry
Fish Carry
Served in a banana leaf, the pounded rice is eaten with the fingers.


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La Marmite Du Pecheur Catering

18 A RN2 Ravine Ango Saint-Philippe, Reunion

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