The Door Of Escape


Massage and well-being with a tampon

La Porte De L’Evasion

“Do not put your rough, cold technical hands on the other's skin.
Place the soft and warm hands of your soul. ”

Touch starts with that. A solid technique, of course, but much more….



The intuitive massage is a personalized massage, very relaxing, made of gentleness, listening, intuition and respect for the person being massaged, in order to identify blockages, tensions and weaknesses. And in order to analyze the present to better anticipate the future, to switch what is unconscious towards the conscious, for a better understanding and acceptance of oneself.



From a line of traditional Malagasy massage therapists
State diploma in fitness professions - Creps Reunion
BTS aesthetics and cosmetology - “l'Academy”, Rennes.
Graduated in massages from around the world -Miki school massage school, Paris.


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The Door Of Escape

Le Tampon, Reunion

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