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It is under the sound of the blades of the helicopters which are already on rotations for the tourists that he quickly explains to me the equipment and the safety instructions for this first flight. The watchword is to make the banana, it seems simple: the pelvis forward and the chin raised. Fred equips me with a harness that will allow us to form a shock tandem during the jump.

Direction the tarmac, the helicopter has just landed, I can feel the blast of the propellers and yet I am still about a hundred meters away. The pilot from Hélilagon comes to greet us, he is really impressive in his white outfit.

With a glance he gives us the green light to approach the helicopter, I understand that it's finally our turn to get on board. Before going up, Fred takes a picture of me in front of the chopper, it's on this will be my next profile picture on Facebook! We simulate one last time the position of the Banana this time on the rails of the helicopter, the next time, it will be in a vacuum and for real.

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