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Le voyageur

Founded more than 50 years ago, the leather goods company Le Voyageur is today managed by Mr ISSABHAY. Located in Saint Denis rue Jean Châtel, it has known how, in order to last and develop, to combine exceptional creation and High Quality distribution.
Today Le Voyageur proves, through its rich history of experience and know-how, that creation in leather goods is always a matter of emotion. At a time when flexibility, which also applies to creation, makes it possible to meet all expectations, the desire to design a beautiful leather object must meet a single credo: To embellish and enhance the woman who wears it.
Le Voyageur is claiming its status as a New Leather Dealer, the banner of a profession that tends to disappear and takes an even more dear and honorable place in the hearts of its followers! Ambiguous, elegant, sometimes disarming but quite simply endearing… "he is me"!


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93 Rue Jean Chatel, Saint-Denis 97400, Reunion

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