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The omnipresence of the image often makes you forget that photography is also and above all an Art. It is a young art, anchored in the present by the permanent use of modern and sophisticated tools for the production and distribution of works.

L55 was born from this DNA and from the fact that the artistic and creative richness of our island deserved a magazine devoted to it.

Our team of photography and art enthusiasts love to create synergies between local and international talents.

Our initial idea was to create strong links between international photographers and those from Reunion Island, by offering training workshops led by renowned artists and by organizing exhibitions.

It could seem totally utopian to arrive on our island lost in the Indian Ocean, famous photographers. However, in January 2020, two "Picassos of light", German photographers Black jeans and Christoph Gellert, on their way to South Africa, stop off on the island for us for a week. An exhibition will be created as well as a "workshop" during which these two talents share their knowledge without restriction with a group of photographers from Reunion.

As for many, the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to the momentum given by this experience for a while. Rather than giving up, we challenged ourselves to create a virtual magazine. Thus was born L55, acronym of Longitude 55 which is that of Reunion.



It is a great success from which are born major collaborative projects.

In the first issue of the magazine Longitude 55 you can discover a fascinating interview with BLACK jeans, one of the two German photographers we had the pleasure of welcoming. Thus, each month we will continue to paint the portrait of a photographer of international reputation.


Consult the N ° 1 of the interactive magazine Longitude 55 in French

Consult the N ° 1 of the interactive magazine Longitude 55 in English

Also on the front page of this issue, Morgane Lebon - Miss Réunion 2019. Representative of the beauty and intelligence of the women of Réunion, she granted us an exclusive interview and a photo shoot.

Finally, the third part of our magazine is devoted to the discovery of the talents which our island abounds. You will cross the path of Mira Maisonnier, an unusual woodcarver as well as the incredible talent of Taiki San, Japanese sushi master installed in Saint Pierre in his restaurant "Akina".

We hope you will have so much fun reading Longitude 55 that we had to create it for you.

In the second opus of Longitude 55 you can discover among others the artists Manny Librodo,  Charlotte Boiron and Yren

Consult N ° 2 of the interactive magazine Longitude 55 in French

Consult the N ° 2 interactive magazine Longitude 55 in English


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