Diving Ô Sea Bleu

Saint-Gilles-Les Bains

In the tropics, diving all year round

Diving Ô Sea Bleu

We observe cetaceans all year round around Reunion Island. We suggest you go out to sea, accompanied by 2 diving instructors, to observe these majestic animals. We will launch in fins, masks and snorkel if good observation conditions are met (visibility, swell, animal behavior, boats under observation). You will make unforgettable memories of this extraordinary meeting. From July to October, the humpback whales come to breed and give birth in Reunion's waters. The rest of the year we observe several species of dolphins that navigate between Saint-Leu and Saint-Paul.

To participate in this activity:

- You can swim and are able to cover 50 meters with fins, mask and snorkel.
- You have a first experience, even in a lagoon or in a swimming pool, of breathing in a snorkel.
- You are able to climb back up to the boat ladder.
- You understand that it is not always possible to get into the water depending on the sea conditions or the behavior of cetaceans in their natural environment.
- You accept the rules of approach for the respect of cetaceans and your safety.
- You take pills before getting on the boat if you are sensitive to seasickness.
- You have no mobility problems and you are not pregnant.
- You are over 12 years old.

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Diving Ô Sea Bleu

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