Raft Adventure

St. Benedict

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Raft Aventure

It is an inflatable boat with 4 to 6 places, suitable for the narrow rivers of Réunion and also called mini-raft.

You are equipped with a shorty suit, a vest and a helmet. An instructor is present in the boat, we call him the coxswain. He will give you a complete briefing at the start of the descent and give you advice throughout the course.

The mini-raft allows both, thanks to its increased stability, to go out in exceptional water conditions but also to bring 6-year-old children accompanied by their parents.

Thus, participants can discover the environment of living water in complete serenity and are made aware of river safety.

2 descents planned per day (9h00 and 13h00) if the water conditions are very good (high water level)
1 descent scheduled for 1:00 p.m. if the water conditions are normal (release of the dam)
A 15-minute approach walk to get to the starting point of the circuit
A capacity of 50 people per descent with a supervision of 1 BE for 8 people
Know how to swim and be in good physical health, with a minimum age of 6 years
Equipment provided: helmet / suit / life jacket
Business to plan: swimsuit, sneakers, sunscreen
Call the company beforehand for the meeting places, size of the combinations ...
All year.
Optimal conditions From December to May during the rainy season.

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Raft Adventure

Bras Canot - 97470 Saint-Benoît - Reunion Island

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