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Located in the south of Reunion, the commune of Entre-Deux and its village takes on the appearance of a postcard with the Dimitile massif. Surrounded by Cilaos and the Bras de la Plaine, it has about 7,000 inhabitants for an area of 66.8 km2.


Presentation of the village of Entre-Deux

The Entre-Deux is a busy place in thehistory of Reunion, its massif also takes the name of a rebellious slave, Dimitile. It has long served as a shelter for fugitive chestnuts.



The land was shared between two families at the beginning of the 18th century and coffee cultivation reigned supreme there until the end of the 19th century. Entre-Deux became a commune in 1882 with the election of its first mayor Corneille Hoarau.


Its city center is calm and authentic with its Creole houses, its gardens and enjoys a certain proximity to the coast. Its neighborhoods are just as peaceful:

  • The ravine of the lemons in the northeast with its church, a school and some accommodation;
  • Grand-Font exterior to the north-west, a residential area;
  • The Hauts in the north enveloping the Dimitile and several isolated islets made up of a few houses.



What to do in the city in Entre-Deux?

Visit the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul church, transformed over the centuries with its Provencal bell tower. It has the authenticated relic of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul kept in the sacristy.

At Entre-Deux, you will have the opportunity to observe many Creole huts. You can follow a circuit at your own pace using the map provided by the tourist office or enjoy a guided tour of 1 hour 30 minutes. Right next to the tourist office, go to the arboretum, a 7,000 m2 botanical garden with more than 30 endemic species.


Attend the Choka festival organized every year in July. It puts the spotlight on craftsmanship through the weaving of this succulent plant including the famous choka savate, but also gastronomy with the recipe for chou choka less known than the famous rougail Sausage, but just as good. Do you want more? Discover here the traditional dishes from Reunion Island.



What to see in the town of Entre-Deux?


Top 3 accommodations in Entre-Deux


Top 3 Restaurants in Entre-Deux


To find out more about the village of Entre-Deux, visit the website of the Town hall of the village of Entre-Deux



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Entre-Deux Village

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Entre-Deux Village

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