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Saint-Benoît where nature predominates

The city of Saint-Benoit is located in the east of Réunion on the “windward coast”, St. Benedict is the 2nd largest city on the island just behind Saint-Paul with an area of 229.61 km2. Its population is approximately 38,000 and its postcode is 97437


Presentation of the city of Saint-Benoît

Colonized since the 17th century, the town of St. Benedict was born in 1815 under the influence of the priest Teste and the governor of the time Pierre Benoît Dumas. Its climate, favorable to cultivation, allows it to develop sugar cane plantations of incomparable quality. After a fire in 1950, the town of Saint-Benoît was rebuilt and urbanized, although agricultural activity remained substantial.



Among the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Saint-Benoît, we can mention:

  • to the south-east, Beaufonds which developed near its sugar factory closed in 1996
    and the Rivière du Mât rum distillery.
  • to the north-west, Beaulieu with a shopping center, schools, a training center and a gendarmerie.
  • to the south-west, along the national 3, Bras-Fusil with its commercial, artisanal and industrial activity zones, its schools and medical services.


What to do in town in Saint-Benoît?

Enjoy the historic monuments of the town. Visit the Church of St. Benedict built from 1840 with its steps and pillars made of volcanic rock. In the center of its square stands a fountain decorated with cast iron cherubs.



Every second Saturday of the month, the city center comes alive thanks to the night market. The artisans meet you to discover their products to the rhythms of Creole concerts. The Nature Energy event during a weekend in December allows the practice of outdoor sports for free.

Take advantage of the activities offered by the municipality of Saint-Benoît. The rivers Marsouins and Roches are just waiting for you for a descent in rafting. Put on a wetsuit and learn to snorkel from the Peace basin. Slide down natural slides, jumps and waterfalls in a fun atmosphere. Looking for more calm? A short hike or horseback ride will allow you to discover the magnificent landscapes of Saint-Benoît.

To finish on a taste note, treat yourself to the local specialties of the commune of Saint-Benoît. Lychee, also called lychee, is a small fruit with juicy and sweet flesh. He is one of the fruits of Reunion most appreciated during the southern winter.

The bichique is a very small fish with an exceptional taste which unfortunately tends to become scarce. Present at the mouth of the Marsouins river, it is eaten mainly in fried food or in bichique curry and is one of the traditional dishes from Réunion.




To visit in the town of Saint-Benoit


To find out more about the city of Saint-Benoit and its municipality, visit the website Saint-benoit town hall 



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City of Saint-Benoît

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City of Saint-Benoît

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