City of Saint-Denis

St Denis

Chief town of Reunion Island

The city of Saint-Denis Chief town of Reunion, is located in the north of the island, where the largest population is concentrated with more than 150,000 inhabitants for an area of 142.79 km2 whose postal code is 97400. Its altitude goes from 0 at the coast to 2,276 meters at La Roche Ecrite overlooking the cirques of Mafate and of Salazie, and accessible by a Hiking departing from the Brittany district in the heights of Saint-Denis.


Presentation of the city of Saint-Denis

Discovered a few centuries earlier, it was not until 1669 that the city was founded by Étienne Regnault, the first governor of Bourbon Island. Despite some rivalries with the city of Saint-Paul, Saint-Denis de la Réunion became the capital of the island in 1738. First, turned towards the culture of coffee, it is thanks to sugar cane that the city will experience strong economic and urban development for several decades.



The city center of Saint-Denis extends over part of the coastline and sinks to the south, with the east Réunion international airport, Roland Garros. It is surrounded by different neighborhoods including:

the Petite Ile to the west, home to the La Redoute football stadium and the La Redoute fort, a military heritage that can be visited;
La Source to the south, with a swimming pool, restaurants and a medical center;
Vauban to the east, a rather commercial district with its shops, restaurants and hotels.



What to do in town in Saint-Denis de la Réunion?

The city center of Saint-Denis is home to some historical sites and architectural beauties. You can see the Rontaunay Palace, a typical Creole villa. Visit the Léon Dierx museum, the former Saint-Denis town hall and the Victory Column. Take a walk at Barachois on the Mother's Front, where you can admire the Indian Ocean from the promenade and its old cannons.



Continuing east, athletes can take the fitness trail along Boulevard Lancastel to the Chaudron district. Going up the rue de Paris you will find at its end the state garden. You can still bring your children to the Trinity park for a family day. Do not miss the cathedral of Saint-Denis and its play of light at nightfall nicely highlighting its unique architecture.

Finally, think about taking the mountain road and stop at the four cannon belvedere also called “Trois Bancs” where you can contemplate and photograph the most beautiful panorama of the city of Saint-Denis.

Saint-Denis offers you a free Jazz concert every 2nd Saturday of the month between February and November. On the 4th Saturday of the month, the culture and the Creole language are put in the spotlight with the program music, sirandanes, sort of riddles and tales. Saint-Denis is also the arrival point of the Grand Raid in October, a completely crazy trail.

In culinary specialties, you must absolutely taste the lobster curry and of course the typical rougail Sausage which is the pride of the Dionysians and the Dionysians.




To visit in the town of Saint-Denis


To find out more about the city of Saint-Denis and its municipality, visit the website Saint-Denis town hall



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City of Saint-Denis

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City of Saint-Denis

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