Coronavirus COVID-19 in Réunion

The coronavirus epidemic has unfortunately not spared Reunion Island and the Indian Ocean.
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Following the change in the publication frequency and the irregularity of the data published by the Regional Health Agency of Reunion, concerning covid-19 infections, since October 12, 2020 this page will no longer be updated.

To continue to follow detailed information and up-to-date graph data after October 12, 2020, consult instead data from the coronavirus pandemic in Réunion on wikipedia


Coronavirus epidemic, situation in Réunion

AT the Reunion Island, we count from October 10 to 12, 133 new cases, for a total of 4 624 infected and 1 new deaths from COVID-19.

Reunion is now in the red zone, active circulation of the virus throughout the island.

Below is a summary of the infections, and deaths due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) to date in Réunion, updated regularly until October 12, 2020 based on data published by the Government and  Regional Health Agency of Réunion ARS.


Statistics and number of coronavirus cases in Réunion as of October 12, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.

Total number of casesTotal number of deathsNew casesNew deaths
4 624171331


Evolution of coronavirus cases and deaths in Réunion since March 11, 2020


To continue to follow the detailed information and up-to-date graph data released on October 12, 2020, consult instead data from the coronavirus pandemic in Réunion on wikipedia



Coronavirus prevention in Réunion

We remind you that barrier gestures, wearing a mask, regular hand disinfection, and social distancing are currently the only means to slow the spread of coronavirus in Réunion and around the world.


No effective drug or vaccine has yet been discovered despite the various announcements and the strong mobilization of laboratories and scientists around the world, so Reunion Islanders, protect your loved ones by protecting yourself.

Oté Kreol Protez tweeted!


Condition and formalities to enter coronavirus in Réunion

Travelers to Reunion must present before boarding a flight:

  • a negative PCR test for Covid-19 less than 72 hours before boarding
  • a declaration on honor available here.
  • a tracing assistance form available here.
  • wear a mask from the departure airport to the exit of the airport in Réunion.

People who have not complied with the procedures for entering Reunion or who have symptoms of Covid-19 infection may be placed in isolation at home or in a Covid + center.

southern air

For more information on how to enter Reunion, consult this Faq of the government.


Coronavirus situation in the world

At the end of July 2020, the coronavirus had infected more than 17,321,394 worldwide and caused the death of more than 673,822 people.

Currently, COVID-19 has caused the highest number of deaths in Europe in the United States and Brazil, and continues according to the World Health Organization WHO, to infect more than 190,000 people every day in the world.


Follow the global evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in real time


Origin of the coronavirus

This respiratory virus, born in December 2019 in the city of Huan in China, triggered one of the biggest epidemics of our century. It is part of the corona virus family already well known to global health systems since the SARS epidemics in 2002 or MERS in 2012.

However, COVID-19 is much more feared since its appearance, in our populations in 2020, because of serious lung, heart and brain problems, which can lead to death in the elderly, fragile and to a lesser extent in young people.

Global situation on the coronavirus made by the WHO World Health Organization




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