The Dipavali

St. Andrew

A burst of light in Réunion

The Dipavali, a burst of light in Réunion

Dipavali, also known as Diwali or Deepavali, is a Tamil Indian holiday celebrated around the world. Literally, “dipa” translates to light and “avali” to line and the Reunion Island being a land of crossbreeding, the Malbars, Tamil Indians from Reunion, are numerous there.

It is therefore natural that the festival of light, symbol of the victory of good over evil, takes place in October or November depending on the new moon of the month of Karthik of the Hindu calendar on the intense island.



In the meeting, The Dipavali is above all an opportunity to discover Malbars culture and traditions and of course to pay homage to the goddess Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity. Hindus come to the temple early in the morning in the hope of attracting happiness and abundance to their homes.

The cities are adorned with terracotta lamps arranged in the streets. Celebrated at St.Paul, Saint Pierre, Saint-Leu, Saint Louis and of course St. Andrew, main seat of the festivities, the Tamil festival of light The Dipavali is one of the most important Malbars festivals on Reunion Island.



During this event, it is 2 to 5 days of celebrations, parades, meals and parties for Reunionese and tourists staying on the intense island. Procession of candles carried by women in sari and men in sherwani, samosas tasting, Indian dances and music or even fireworks will punctuate these days.



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The Dipavali

Saint-André, Reunion

Itinerary for Le Dipavali

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Of: 11/01/2024

At: 01/11/2024


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