Whales in Réunion

The history of whales in Réunion

Each year during thesouthern winter between June and September, the humpback whales visit the Reunionese and Reunionese by going up from the southern seas to take advantage of a more favorable water temperature. A meeting full of emotions where cetaceans come to reproduce and give birth to their young along the west coast of Reunion Island.



Whales and Reunion, it's a beautiful novel, it's a beautiful story

Victims of intensive poaching and the degradation of their habitat, whales no longer showed themselves in Reunion's waters. Some elders still had images in their memory that the younger ones ended up doubting. Then in the early 2000s, they put the tips of their fins back on.


The beautiful story between the whales and the meeting resonates again and surely for a long time to come thanks to the tremendous work of several associations, local actors and service providers to raise public awareness on the protection of cetaceans. There is also an approach charter for whales, dolphins and turtles defined by prefectural decrees.



Where can you see whales in Réunion?

With your feet on the ground, along the shore to the west of the island, you will notice the majestic jumps of this graceful marine animal. The most popular observation spots are:


  • the Cap la Houssaye at sunset between Saint-Paul and Boucan Canot;
  • Pointe au Sel, the closest to the whales between Saint-Leu and Étang-Salé;
  • the little frequented Cap Homard between Boucan Canot and Saint-Gilles;
  • the Piton Grande Anse in the town of Petite-Ile.



How to observe whales in Reunion?

With your head in the clouds, aboard a paraglider, an ULM or a helicopter, you can observe the touching spectacle of a whale and its calf moving together in the waves of the Indian Ocean. We advise you Helilagon


At sea in the front row, during a boat trip or for the more adventurous, the launch in order to enjoy a magical and privileged moment with this giant of marine life. If you choose this option, find out beforehand about the regulations to follow. We advise you Scubanas

Finally by practicing scuba diving to get as close as possible to the whales and keep an extraordinary memory of your stay on Reunion Island. We advise you Scubanas

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