Hermitage Beach


Family swimming place

Hermitag beache, family swimming place

With its 7 km long, the Hermitage or Hermitage beach is undoubtedly the largest on Reunion Island. White sand beach between La Saline and Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, it is located to the west of the island. Easily accessible from the town of Saint-Paul or the Route des Tamarins, come and take a dip in its lagoon.

Make yourself comfortable on your towel in the shade of a filao, put on fins, mask and snorkel and immerse yourself in the magical world of Réunion marine nature reserve. Observe the coral reef in the sumptuous shapes and colors of the Hermitage beach. Let yourself be carried away by the hypnotizing ballet of butterfly fish, three-banded damselfish or Picasso triggerfish.

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The shallow depth of its waters and its privileged shade make it one of the most coveted beaches of Reunion Islanders for family swimming. Young and old can enjoy a good moment of refreshment in complete safety and relax in the shade of the sun while enjoying a pancake or an ice cream sold in the rondavelles.



And of course, we cannot talk about such an idyllic place without addressing the famous Reunionese picnics that bloom every weekend on the Hermitage beach. You can take the opportunity to learn about Creole cuisine.

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To continue protecting the lagoon of Hermitage beach, get mineral sunscreen that does not attack corals and is just as effective against solar UV rays.

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A little video of the Hermitage beach, the family beach on Reunion Island ... A taste of its great barrier reef, and its huge lagoon ... Swimsuit compulsory in very hot weather ...

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Hermitage Beach

Hermitage Beach, Boulevard Leconte de Lisle, L'Ermitage-Les-Bains, Réunion

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