Nautical Association of Saint-Pierre

Saint Pierre

Sailing and diving association of the South of Reunion

Nautical Association of Saint-Pierre


Bienvenue à l’ANSP, l‘association voile et plongée du Sud de la Reunion basée à Saint Pierre.

Living sail
Supervised outings
We offer outings supervised by a licensed instructor on our Joke sailboat for half a day.
In the morning from 9h00 to 12h00
Afternoon from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
From the neophyte to the more seasoned, these sessions allow the practitioner a progressive learning of navigation.
The educational booklet can be downloaded from the site and filled in regularly by the instructor.

On the Korrigan, our boat, we leave from the port of Saint-Pierre to dive according to our desires and the sea conditions between Saint-Pierre and Petite-île.
You will discover the seabed up to 6 m in complete safety accompanied by a qualified instructor.
Exploration dives with air or Nitrox
From beginners to level 3 and more, we dive on various sites such as Le Parcours, Démotel, Japonicus, Cap Thérèse, anchors and others….

You will explore the lava flows, the canyons, the drop-offs and will come across schools of multicolored fish, rays, turtles and all kinds of corals ...

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Nautical Association of Saint-Pierre

7 rue Gabriel Dejean Saint-Pierre 97410, Reunion

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