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At Dacia, we offer attractive, quality vehicles at the best price. Models with assertive style, but no frills, equipped with the most reliable and proven technologies, all at an unbeatable price. In just ten years, we have made a difference and shaken up the automotive market.

Unbelievable ? Not really. Our secret ? A perfect mix of simplicity, transparency and generosity. From the choice of the model, through the price to the maintenance, everything is clear and obvious with Dacia. Driving Dacia means having the certainty of making the right choice. It means choosing quality, reliability and design, but also comfort and above all a fair price. It is the possibility of affording a new vehicle that meets their needs, their desires.

Finally, driving a Dacia means no longer putting all your money in your vehicle, because it also means going on vacation, giving your daughter the guitar of your dreams or simply saving money. With Dacia, go where you want and do what you want.

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Dacia Saint-Pierre

176 Rue Marius et Ary Leblond, 97410, Reunion

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