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Looooongtems ago, I set up a very small women's ready-to-wear boutique. At that time, I was halfway between the hip-hop dancer and the bohemian of the fields.

"The two have nothing to do? I know ! That's why I had to create my own universe ”!

A few years later, while I was wearing one of my grandmother's old lace in a scarf, I had the impression that the spiral notebook and the black felt that I had on my counter were taunting me! Was I daydreaming or was it a turning point in my life masquerading as a challenge? I wasn't going to let these "2 little things" that I had bought challenge me. So I gave in to their blackmail. I made my first wedding dress sketch.

How do I go from ready-to-wear to wedding dresses? Remember, I'm half bohemian from the fields! At that time, in Reunion, there was no designer offering dresses in this spirit. So, I became this designer, the one I would have liked to meet if I got married. And then, as and when I sublimated these women for their D Day… I realized, that I no longer wanted to be satisfied with dressing the exceptional. I wanted to share the daily life of these women, I wanted to be at the heart of everyday femininity. So I started by doing that and the small ready-to-wear pieces that I introduced in my shops.

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