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Salaisons Mak-Yuen: cold cuts wholesaler, located in Le Tampon, on Reunion Island.

Karen, Audrey, Nicolas and Nathalie Mak-Yuen have taken over the family business and are offering you quality products and services.
Our family brand was founded by Emmanuel & Dorothy Mak-Yuen in January 1974. We specialize in the manufacture of cold meats. Our traditional recipes have been our success for over 40 years now. However, we are innovating and launching new recipes that will delight consumers.

We hold 40% market share in mass distribution. We are market leaders for communities.

Our clientele is mainly made up of school restaurants, hospitals, and large and medium-sized stores.

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Mak-Yuen cured meats

3 Rue Montaigne 97430 Le Tampon ile reunion

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