Étang Salé Beach

Salt Pond

The black beauty of Reunion

The beach of Étang Salé, the black beauty of Réunion

Located to the west of Reunion in the town of city of Etang-Salé, the beach of the Salt Pond is the longest black sand beach of the intense island. The volcanic minerals of Piton des Neiges brought back by the swells of the Indian Ocean have shaped it over time. You still have to be careful, the black sand absorbs heat and depending on weather, it can quickly heat up.


To avoid burning their feet, everyone has their own technique, keep their shoes on, get their feet wet or even run very quickly. Up to you !

Take advantage of the Pirogue basin, a lagoon protected by corals for a swim with family or friends. It has a lifeguard station so you can swim safely.

Let yourself be tempted by the flagship activity of the Étang Salé beach, diving. Beginner or confirmed, discover the magnificent spectacle of the fauna and the flora of the Réunion marine reserve at a depth of 6 meters.


South of the beach, another setting awaits you, the Etang Salé chasm. A 100-meter natural cavity carved into the basalt rock inside the coastline where ocean waves wash up.

You can also participate in a game of beach volleyball with the locals or simply relax in the shade of the casuarinas and coconut trees. If you don't plan to come to the Etang Salé beach very early, don't forget to take your parasol, especially on weekends.


Stay until the end of the day for the sunset grand finale. On the black sand, it brings a play of light in a magical ballet that you will not find anywhere else on the intense island.

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Étang Salé Beach

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