Maloya Métiss

Saint Pierre

Dance company and musical group

Maloya Métiss

A call rings out… and TRAMAY takes our imagination on a journey…

A “dousman” and acoustic maloya mingles with a creative fusion and groove of a Creole India, African, Brazilian swings and other very spicy rhythms…



Guitar, voice, Indian, Reunionese and Afro percussions… A unique style, and a color that is adorned with nuances from the artists' experiences, nourished by rich experiences, with the complex rhythms of Carnatic music.
Born from a project with Indian musician friends, TRAMAY designates in Reunion Island Creole a fishing net, the links of which are easily attached as those which unite the group, and “to fish and share the fruit of our discoveries in our Ocean of music ”.



It is with Florence Latappy, choreographer and lead singer and musician David Abrousse that the project is created. Falling into Maloya as a child, David traveled the world with other groups, followed a course in African and Cuban percussion and practiced Carnatic music. Florence brings her taste for movement, very present in the group's set, and her voice with warm accents. Jimmy Imare, dalon musician from St Pierre, comes to join them by popular demand, and it is at 3 that the group is formed first. Very quickly joined by Bertrand Cataye, bathed since childhood by Carnatic music, the Group asserts its Indo-Creole-world style.


Tramay brings together artists who choose themselves above all humanely, and invites us to share their fishing!

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Maloya Métiss

26 Chemin Stéphane Rébecca, 97410, Reunion

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