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The City of the Volcano, called Maison du Volcan from its creation in 1992 until 2011, is a museum of the Reunion Island, French overseas department in the southwest of the Indian Ocean. He is based in Bourg-Murat, village of the Plain of Cafres located in the heights of the town of Buffer. The Cité du Volcan offers permanent exhibitions on the various volcanoes of the world and in particular on the Piton de la Fournaise, the active volcano of the island. La Cité du Volcan is one of the four establishments of the local public company Réunion des Musées Régional.

The existence of this museum is largely due to the will of the couple of volcanologists Maurice and Katia Krafft, who closely studied the eruptions of Piton de la Fournaise, and who both died on June 3, 1991 in a fiery cloud of Mount Unzen, Japan.

The Cité du Volcan reopened its doors to the public on August 5, 2014. The establishment has innovative technological equipment: a 4D cinema, a 270 ° panoramic screen, holographic projections, augmented realities, large “multitouch” surfaces. format, etc. The museography was created by Nathalie Chauvier and Nicolas Béquart of the Les Crayons agency.

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City of the Volcano

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