Collection of the most beautiful festivals in Réunion

Anthologies, collection of the most beautiful festivals in Réunion

The Florilèges in Reunion are 3 events in one. For ten days, the town of Tampon is celebrating during the October school vacation period and showcases its flowers and plants. The idea of creating this event germinated in the head of the mayor, newly elected, André Thien Ah Koon in 1983. Since then, horticultural enthusiasts and professionals have set up their stands there every year.



3 sites, 3 atmospheres!

Take part in the parade to reach the Jean de Cambiaire park and discover the magnificent floral exhibitions of the participants. An opportunity for you to learn more, and even to acquire the most beautiful plant specimens of the intense island. Inside the park, a stage hosts the annual Miss Tampon election and different artists take turns to give you a friendly and rhythmic moment.

Downtown, rue Hubert Delisle cuts off from traffic and becomes pedestrianized. Reunionese traders are expanding their shops and are coming to the streets to present their various items and local products to you. The opportunity for you to do good business on Reunion Island.

Finally, on the Place de la Liberation in the city of Tampon, also called Place du Florilège, is the unmissable funfair. Rides, games and bar trucks will delight children and adults alike. Right in the middle of the fairgrounds, you will find an outdoor stage called the big stage where the greatest artists from Réunion and France will give their voices.

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