Cormorant Basin


A walk around the 3 basins

The Cormorant basin, a walk around the 3 basins

The Cormorant basin located at western Reunion Island, not far from the seaside resort of Saint-Gilles-les-Bains and of Hermitage beach, is part of the municipality of St.Paul. It is a water point supplied by a waterfall from the course of the Saint-Gilles ravine which ends its course in the Indian Ocean.


For a small hiking friendly and accessible to all, meet in the car park near the Saint-Gilles theater. The authorities closed the path by prefectural decree to cover themselves against possible accidents, but it remains very busy. This route will take you to the three basins that make up the Saint-Gilles ravine.

You will start with the Malheur basin going through tunnels. You have the choice to equip yourself with a headlamp or to feel the rocks of the tunnel to progress. The Reunion basin has no waterfall, but does not lack water. An imposing resurgence of water under the rock comes to fill it.


You will then retrace your steps to take the path on your left towards the Aigrettes basin, the most frequented and the most beautiful. Once in front, you can appreciate its magnificent waterfall which separates along the rocks. Unfortunately, there is little room around the pool to rest there, but you will have plenty of time to immortalize this show with a few pictures.


You will finally head to the last basin of the circuit, the Cormorant basin. Walk carefully along the edge of the small canal until you get a bird's eye view of the intense island basin. Arrived at the bottom, you can contemplate its waterfall less impressive than that of the Aigrettes basin, but just as beautiful to look at.

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Small drone shot of the Cormorant Basin on Reunion Island ... The basin is accessible after a short walk of about 20 minutes under the vegetation, from the car park ... Bring sandals or non-slip shoes to avoid do not risk slipping during the many passages in ice water and your swimsuit for a small refreshing swim ...

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Cormorant Basin

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