The Grand Raid in Reunion

Saint Pierre

The diagonal of fools in Réunion

The Grand Raid, races that make you lose your mind

Vous voulez participer au trail le plus mythique de l’île de la Réunion ? Inscrivez-vous au Grand Raid ! Vous aura le choix entre 4 courses de différents niveaux, mais il vous faudra malgré tout un minimum d’entraînement avant de vous lancer dans cette aventure.



La Grande Diagonale, also known as the Diagonale des Fous, is certainly the most difficult race of intense island. Because yes, you really have to be crazy to tackle this circuit! On average 9,600 vertical meters and 150 kilometers to cover, you will have to be an experienced trailer to overcome it. Starting point in the south of Reunion Island in Saint-Pierre to arrive at the Redoute stadium in Saint-Denis in the north of the island.

Small video of the TREK channel To give you an idea of the scale of the phenomenon.


Le Grand Raid 2023 aura lieu du 19 au 22 octobre 

The Grand Raid Of the reunion 2023 auras normalement lieu du 19 au 22 octobre 

A little less taxing than the Diagonale des Fous, the Bourbon Trail is no less complicated. Meet at the starting point of Cilaos for a 112-kilometer race, 6,468 meters of climbs and 7,630 meters of descents. The judges will be waiting for you on arrival at the Stade de la Redoute in the capital of the intense island of Saint-Denis.

Fancy a team trail, opt for the Zembrocal Trail relay! Form a team of 4 people and organize your ride on a course of 182 kilometers and 11,167 meters of elevation gain between the Domaine Vidot and the Saint-Denis stadium.



And finally, the most accessible of the 4 trails of the Grand Raid, La Mascareignes! But be careful, don't make the mistake of underestimating this Reunion race. You will leave from Grand Îlet in the circus of Salazie and cross the 74 kilometers that separate you from Saint-Denis with 4,040 meters of climbs.

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The Grand Raid in Reunion

Saint-Pierre, Reunion

Itinerary for Le Grand Raid à la Réunion

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Of: 10/19/2023

At: 22/10/2023


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