Circus of Salazie


Where nature puts on a show

Salazie is both the most accessible and the greenest of Reunion's 3 cirques. Nature is spectacular there.

In addition to the lush vegetation of primary forests of Bélouve and of Bébour, the Salazie circus is dominated by the waterfall of Veil of the Bride this waterfall is made up of a multitude of streams of water on the mountainside and can be admired from the road, but the hike that leads to it will give you an even more spectacular view.

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The Salazie circus is home to other waterfalls of disproportionate height including the white waterfall or the "piss in the air", making water an omnipresent element on the site.



You can also admire some of the most beautiful villages, huts and Creole gardens of the island as in Hell-Bourg or Grand-Ilet.

Situé dans les hauteurs de l’île de la Réunion, Grand-Îlet est un hameau montagnard pittoresque qui vous transporte dans un autre monde dès votre arrivée. Entouré par les majestueuses montagnes du cirque de Salazie, cet endroit semble être tout droit sorti d’un conte de fées tropical.Cette petite communauté montagnarde offre une expérience inoubliable pour les voyageurs en quête d’authenticité et de beauté naturelle.
Le calme absolu règne ici, brisé seulement par le doux murmure de la nature. Les maisons créoles traditionnelles, aux toits de tôle rouge et aux murs colorés, ajoutent une touche de charme authentique à ce paysage déjà époustouflant. En vous promenant dans les rues paisibles de Grand-Îlet, vous découvrirez l’art de vivre créole dans toute sa simplicité et sa convivialité.



The circus of Salazie, in the heart of Réunion National Park, is a world heritage site of Unesco. This place has retained its charm and authenticity and unveils its surprising landscapes shaped by erosion to hikers who walk its paths up to the Anchaing peak which sits in its center from the top of its 1,352 meters.



Among the many possible hikes at the Salazie circus, some are unmissable. You can browse the primary forest of Bélouve and admire the Trou de Fer waterfall, survey Cape Anglais until Piton des Neiges, roof of the Indian Ocean, climb the Roche Ecrite or the Piton d'Anchaing to contemplate Salazie in 360 °.

Sports city, Salazie now hosts the Trail Station of Reunion and offers many activities to practice in nature, trail, trek and hike, but also canyoning.

The humid climate of the region favors agriculture. The circus of Salazie is famous for the culture of watercress but especially the darling which is the symbol of the region for the Reunionese. The Chouchou party is organized every year in June by the municipality.



In summary, the Salazie circus radiates many activities, tourism, culture, sport, crafts and gastronomy. It is therefore one of the essential sites to discover on Reunion Island.

For more than visits to Reunion consult our interactive map of Réunion.

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Small shot by Drône of the Salazie circus. You can visualize in this short video, the cirque of Salazie from the start of the path of the col des bœufs, which leads to the cirque of Mafate.

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