Blue Basin


A name that fits him like a glove

Blue Basin, a name that suits him like a glove

Bassin Bleu is a natural swimming pool located near the mouth of the Petit Saint-Pierre ravine which flows into the Indian Ocean. AT eastern Reunion Island, in the village of Sainte-Anne, it is part of the municipal territory of St. Benedict.

With its kiosks set up for picnics, Bassin Bleu is one of the most popular swimming spots for Reunion Islanders. Accessible without effort, its water is temperate and translucent blue, especially when the sky is clear and the sun is reflected there. This is obviously what earned it its name.



After a few laps, sit quietly around a kiosk table or lie down in the shade of a vacoa. If you do not want to completely immerse yourself in the pool, you can take advantage of the water games and misters to cool off.

At the start of 2019, Bassin Bleu got a makeover. Tropical storm Fakir had weakened the rocks, so much so that with each flood, the river brought its share of pebbles filling the bottom. It had become impossible to dive, but the problem was solved with a shovel to remove a few meters of depth.



Like all busy places in Réunion, it is best to go there on weekdays or very early in the morning during the weekend. Keep an eye on the weather, though, because in heavy rain, the level rises quickly. Take the opportunity to take a look atChurch of St. Anne, it is only a few minutes from Bassin Bleu.



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Small drone shot of the Bassin Bleu on Reunion Island ... The basin is located 50 meters from the car park and easily accessible if the car park is not full ... Pic-Nic tables are also available at your disposal in the garden making do to the mother ... Mandatory swimsuit in very hot weather ...

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