Vacoas Festival


An institution in Saint-Philippe

The holiday of vacoa, an institution in Saint-Philippe

The Reunion Island likes to put its products and its artisans on the front of the stage and what better than a party for that! In Saint-Philippe, the festival of vacoa has been held every year in August for almost 30 years. The opportunity for the Reunionese to pay tribute to one of their favorite trees which is widely present on the coast and particularly in the wild south Of the reunion.

The vacoa is in great demand for its fruits, the pimpins, it is moreover called pimpin rather than vacoa on intense island. The fruits of vacoa are used in Creole recipes in salads, in pickles, a mixture of vegetables cut into strips or in curry and they go particularly well with the smoked.



Vacoa is also very popular for its leaves which are used to weave many objects, an ancestral art whose intergenerational transmission tends to be lost. Fortunately, the holiday of vacoa highlights traditional craftsmanship. Discover the bertel, a Reunionese backpack, baskets and other tableware woven with dried vacoa leaves.


Attend the election of Miss Vacoa and Miss Mamie Vacoa, enjoy the concerts and shows dance and closely follow the radio hook to its final. 10 days of festivities and activities await you, it is also an opportunity for you to taste traditional creole dishes and discover the wild south of Reunion. Meet at Cap Méchant, one of the emblematic places of this intense region of the island.

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Vacoas Festival

Saint-Philippe, Reunion

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Of: 08/05/2024

At: 15/08/2024




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