Niagara Falls


A force of nature in Réunion

Niagara waterfall, a force of nature

Less than three kilometers from the Indian Ocean, the Niagara waterfall is located northeast of the Reunion Island. It is part of the commune of Sainte-Suzanne and has its source in the river of the same name. Its spectacular waterfall from a height of 25 meters rushes into a large basin well hidden at the bottom of sugar cane plantations.


If you're hot, now's the time! You can swim, in a little chilly water, of course, but it is doable. Be careful to protect yourself from mosquitoes that proliferate at the water's edge.

Navigate the Sainte-Suzanne River, with or without an instructor, canoe Kayak and join the Niagara waterfall. Take the opportunity to try your hand at canyoning with the program, jumps, abseiling and zip lines.


Do you want heavy? Put on a harness and conquer the cliff by climbing the Reunion waterfall. Okay for the effort, but is it a bit too physical for you? Try the via ferrata, less difficult than climbing, but more sporty than a hike, it is the ideal activity to enjoy the intense island site

If you are wondering why it is called Niagara Waterfall, take a tour during the rainy season if access is still possible. You will quickly understand where its name comes from when you have seen the flow released by its fall.


And for the record, the Niagara waterfall appears in the 2006 French summer saga “The secrets of the volcano” with Mélanie Maudran, Véronique Jannot and Maria Pacôme.

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Aerial drone shot of the Saint-Suzanne waterfall, also called "Niagara Falls", it is accessible about ten minutes by car from the city of Saint Suzanne and is one of the must-see places in the Reunion Island!

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