Bébour Forest

Palmiste Plain

A tropical forest under the air of jungle

Bébour Forest, a tropical forest under the air of jungle

The Bébour forest has taken up residence in the former cirque des Marsouins flattened by the last lava flows of the Piton des Neiges when he was still active. Located in the town of St. Benedict in the Hauts de l'Est of Reunion Island, it is part of the Plain of Palmists. Its 6,010 ha of tropical forest invite you to discover an incredible flora and fauna.

Put on your ornithologist costume and discover the endemic birds of Réunion. Spy on the papangue, the only bird of prey of the intense island, the bird the virgin, called Chakouat in Creole because of its alert cry. Have fun with the tec-tec, a curious little bird that will perhaps accompany you for a while.



Nature moves you and you want even more? Butterflies, wild orchids, tree ferns and arum flowers met in the Bébour humid forest for your viewing pleasure. All this little world evolves under the watchful eye of their elders, the tamarinds of the Hauts and the cryptomerias of Japan.

Like many places in Réunion, you can visit the Bébour forest thanks to the many hikes that are offered there. Be careful to check the weather before you jump in, this is one of the rainiest areas on the island.

Take a tour of the Rivière des Marsouins, with its waterfalls and white water, you will have plenty of time to try your hand at canyoning and at rafting. Activities that will make you discover the forest of Bébour from another angle.

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Small drone shot of the Bebourg forest on Reunion Island ... The magnificent road crossing the forest leads to the gite and viewpoint of Belouve ... Exceptional nature to see absolutely during your stay on Reunion Island ...

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Bébour Forest

Bébour Forest, Forest Route 2 of Bébour-Bélouve, Réunion

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